Parents' information

At Hollywood Bowl Group we recognise that taking on a role in one of our centres may be the first step into the world of work for many young people. With a wealth of experience in recruiting and supporting fledging careers nationwide since 2010, you’ll be reassured to know that your child is in good hands with us.

A job at Hollywood Bowl Group PLC is a great opportunity for young adults, providing them with an array of newly developed skills and experiences that will go on to equip them for future careers. Teamwork, time management and communication skills are invaluable and often follow on seamlessly from family standards and education, whilst providing a solid foundation for the years ahead.

We’ve set out some of the most common questions from the parents of our potential young employees, but if there is anything further that we can help answer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How old does my child need to be to work at Hollywood Bowl Group?


The average age of our employees is 22, but they must be 16 or over to work in one of our centres or the Customer Contact Centre. Please note that employees must be 18 to take on a role which involves the handling of alcohol.

Can I attend the recruitment event with my child?


You can of course escort your child to and from the recruitment event - however we require candidates to attend and participate independently.

How many hours can my child work?


Young Workers are defined as those employees aged 16 or 17 years of age.

Young workers will never be scheduled for longer than 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day.

Furthermore, employees who are in compulsory education (i.e. studying for GCSEs or equivalent) must not work:

  • During school hours on any day
  • For more than 2 hours on any school day
  • For more than 12 hours in any week when he is required to attend school
  • For more than 8 hours on any day which is not a school day

In addition to the general rules, employees who are in further education (i.e. studying for A-Levels or equivalent) have the right not to have their education adversely affected. This means that they should not work excessive hours, nor should they work late shifts before early classes.

Will my child be provided with adequate rest breaks?


We work hard to ensure all our team get their entitled breaks.

Does my child need to have their own bank account to work here?


Yes. For legal purposes, employees’ wages are paid by credit transfer into a bank or building society account in the employees’ sole name only.

Can I speak to Payroll or HR on my child’s behalf?


For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot discuss specific terms and conditions of employment or pay with anyone else other than the individual. However, the HR team would be more than happy to assist a parent with more generalised queries, which may help bridge lines of communication.

What if my child is ill and can’t attend their shift?


In the event of absence, our company policy asks that all employees personally call the manager on duty to inform them of their absence. In the event of an employee being physically unable to contact us, their Parent or Guardian should do so at the earliest opportunity.

Will I be informed of my child’s performance and progress?


You won’t be directly updated with your child’s progress at work - our managers will hold monthly appraisals with all Team Members to discuss and review their performance and development.

If, for any reason, your child would like or require any additional support, please do encourage them to discuss this with their Centre Manager or HR Business Partner, as we have many options available. Various levels of support and structure can be built into their Personal Development Plans.

What can I do to help with my child’s transition?


Recognise the new challenges: It’s inevitable that your child will experience a wide range of emotions when they accept their first job and begin the transition from school or college to the world of work.

There will be new challenges to encounter – including adjusting to an unfamiliar environment, a new routine and learning new responsibilities - but check out the information about Our Culture - we’re a lovely bunch, and we’re here to support your child at every step of the way to realise their potential and fill them with confidence in their new career path.

I felt as though I fitted in as soon as I got the job
Lizzie 01
I’m really excited to see what the future holds
Kieran 01
I love the atmosphere here – the team are like my second family!
Ryan 01
There’s no such thing as a typical day - every day is different
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