The Sales and Service Superiority Conference 2022

2022 Sales

September saw us finish up our financial year and come together for our annual conference to take the time to reflect, celebrate, and plan ahead of the exciting year ahead of us. Here is just a small snippet, into a brilliant day.


The headlines…


Our growth… 

We talked through our growth strategy in an ever-changing market, but how well we are set up to take full advantage of opportunities. This reminded us that if we stay on purpose, we will deliver our objectives


Our offer is more relevant than ever:

- We have an experienced team

- Well invested centres which are well located

- We have a deep understanding of our customers; we use technology to enhance the experience

- We are in the sweet spot of competitive socialising - inclusive, accessible, low price.


Our growth strategy:

- Organic growth

- Investment led growth

- Growth of Canadian business and relevant UK acquisitions


Our “Super Six” …
We then talked through the state of the nation and the great work that had delivered our Sales and Service Superiority over the last 12 months and stated 6 challenges for all teams to refocus our energy on.


We launched the ‘Super 6 for Sales and Service Superiority’:

1.    Right people on the bus. Improving our 1:1s each month.
2.    Invest in your games keepers to drive standards and attention to detail in amusements.
3.    Use the technology at your disposal to drive digital sales and food and drink penny profit.
4.    No chipped paint!
5.    Relentless focus on spick and span!
6.    Build your database EVERY day.


The support teams then talked through how they will support everyone to deliver on their Sales and Service Superiority goals in FY23 through Operations, Amusements, Food & Drink, Marketing, IT and People. 
Lastly, we hope the 9 seminars ran through the afternoon gave the teams some time focussed on areas they are interested in expanding their knowledge on, to help them and their teams deliver our 2023 goals.  
Thank you all once again to everyone for their contribution with making this year’s conference a success. It is now down to us all to stay on purpose and deliver Sales and Service Superiority in FY23.



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